To build a healthy, vibrant community where everyone belongs

that is the purpose of Calgary Foundation. It is a purpose that many organizations serving community share, and each of us make a uniquely different contribution to achieve that purpose. At Calgary Foundation, our contribution is to inspire and facilitate philanthropy, support the charitable sector, and build a permanent endowment to address current and future needs of people in our community. Knowledge of community is fundamental to our work, and that knowledge has greatest value when it is shared broadly. Calgary's Vital Signs is one way we deepen our knowledge of community. This annual quality of life report presents both citizen perceptions and current local research. Vital Signs informs our work in community building. We appreciate the 2,262 citizens who participated and spoke out. To our surprise and delight, 77% were first time participants. We are pleased to share this report with you. It may give you a new understanding of your community. If you work in the charitable/public sector it may inform your work as it does ours. It may inspire you to get involved in community building in a new way. It may inspire you to ask: how can I contribute to creating a community where everyone belongs?

Calgary Foundation asked Calgarians to SPEAK OUT.


rate their quality of life as good to excellent

The good news is that 3 out of 4 citizens gave a favourable rating to their quality of life and there are relatively few Calgarians (7%) who rated their quality of life as below average or poor.








Below Average

Top Issue: Transportation


The number of downtown bike commuters has almost doubled since 2010, to 17,468 annually.

Even in the cold winter months, 30% of cyclists continue to ride Calgary's 290 km of on-street bikeways and 550 km of multi-use pathways.

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Car & Transit

Although 62% of Calgarians rate their ability to get

around in a car as good,

attitudes turn negative with 28% rating public transit as below average/poor.


drive frequently vs. 10% who rarely/never drive


use public transit frequently vs. 67% who rarely/never use transit


of students frequently use public transit


of cyclists ride frequently vs. 76% who rarely/never ride a bike


ride a bike at least a few times a week


of frequent bikers are from the NW and SW quadrants

Top Issue: Housing

With a 6.7% vacancy rate in apartment rentals, data indicates availability of housing isn't the issue, it's the affordability of housing options in Calgary which currently has the third highest rental rates in Canada, behind the high priced markets of Vancouver and Toronto.



rated availability of affordable rentals as below average/poor


rated availability of affordable home ownership as below average/poor


of Calgarians under 35 rated affordability of rentals as average to excellent


of Calgarians under 35 rated housing affordability as below average/poor


of Calgarians aged 65+ rated housing affordability as below average/poor

Community Connectedness

There is huge value in creating a caring, connected community. Here's why... those with a strong sense of purpose in life are more likely to be an active volunteer, a regular donor to charity, have a strong sense of belonging to their community and have a high rating for their quality of life in Calgary.

Work Life Balance and Satisfaction



by Calgarians under 35



Calgarians aged 55-64



Calgarians aged over 65

Sense of Belonging


of Calgarians have a strong sense of belonging - a feeling that increases with age


under 35 have a strong sense of belonging while amongst seniors 65+, a strong sense of belonging increases to 83%


of Calgarians in the NW or SW have a strong sense of belonging compared to 62% of those living in the SE or NE


of citizens living in Calgary for 10+ years have a strong sense of belonging compared to 60% of citizens living in Calgary for up to 5 years


of Calgarians currently unemployed or looking for work have a weak sense of belonging

44% of non-volunteers and 50% of those that never donate to charity also have a weak sense of belonging

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